MA Wohab was conferred on Banga Bhushan Samman 2014 by Government of West Bengal on 20 May 2014
The hard and dedicated work and continuous sacrifice and service of M.A. Wohab for the poor, wherever they are, brought forth name and fame to him from far and near. The grateful blessings of those famished families, now lively and vibrant, come back to Wohab in the form of praise, prizes, awards, recognition, accolades and laurels from the enlightened individuals and esteemed organizations in India or abroad. The following are the awards : -
  • Critic Circle of India Award, New Delhi, in 1991 for Humanitarian Service
  • The Sunderbans Seva Award 1997
  • Indian Trust of Human rights Award 2001
  • Heroes of India Award by The Week in 2002
  • Man of the Year (2003) Award by American Biographical Institute
  • Indian Public Health Association Award – 2004
  • Certificate of Social Service by Ecoles de La Terre (Switzerland) 2004
  • Renaissance Award 2005
  • Meritorious Service Award 2005-06 by West Bengal Minority Development and Finance Corporation
  •  Bharat Excellence Award 2006 by Friendship Forum of India
  • Godfrey Phillip Lifetime Achievement Award  2007
  • Best Entrepreneurs of the year Award 2008 from Chief Minister of West Bengal
  • Unsung Heroes Award 2009, handed over by Hon'ble Dalai Lama at San Francisco of USA,
  • Begum Rokea Award 2012 handed over by Mr. Javed Ahmed Khan, Hon'ble Minister for fire and emergency services, Government of West Bengal.
  • 24 Ghanta Ananyaa Sanman 2012
  • Banga Bhushan Samman 2014 by Government of West Bengal
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