SHIS Ashadeep: A beacon in self-reliance

SHIS had taken a major step towards womens empowerment in 1996 when self help groups for microfinance centres were formed. It was at these centres that the women of the villages around Bhangar found a source of sustenance. Women members were given small amount of refundable financial assistance to earn their livelihood. The collective coming together of individual members is used for a number of purposes:- economic self-reliance, decision-making power in the family, gender equity i.e. education for girls child, legal age of marriage, small family norms while ensuring better hygiene and sanitation, safe drinking water, and nutrition. In short it means social emancipation through economic empowerment.

Microcredit self-employment project are in the fields of farming, poultry, livestock, pisciculture, herbal plantation, weaving, embroidery, tailoring and food processing. SHIS ASHADEEP helped its SHG members in getting loan from NABARD, UBI, Rabo Bank Foundation, West Bengal Minority Development & Finance Corporation, German Doctors' Committee, etc. Today we have got 3,775 SHGs with a total of 32,105 members in 266 villages, with a loan disbursement figure of about Rs. 59,771,094.
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