The Visionary
Mohammed Abdul Wohab, the Director of SHIS, hails from Village Padmapukur, Bhangar of South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, India. He has completed his Bachelor degrees in Arts, Law and Education. Born on 01st April, 1949 in a small village he started getting acclimatized with the state of the region. As he grew up, he experienced with awe that there was not a single day when cries of helpless anguish were not heard.

The little mind was tormented. His heart tore apart. He saw beloved children nipped in bud, children rendered orphans and death of only earning member devastating families.

As he wandered, the tender heart ripped and bled. As years rolled by, the child mused and drifted into long dream. A crusader started to emerge.

Wohab with Dominique Lapierre
The determined Knight started " Holy War" against Tuberculosis along with Sabitri Pal another educated lady and a social worker. Both Wohab and Sabitri started their campaign and the treatment centre for TB from a de-roofed hut at Bhangar where they were encouraged and aided by Seva Sangha Samity where worked Brother Gaston, the main hero of the best selling book about Calcutta titled "City of Joy" written by the French Author Dominique Lapierre. When Wohab and Sabitri came to Bhangar village for their service to the villagers, they saw patients were taken on shoulder to hospitals in Calcutta which were as far as 40 kms from the villages.
Many a times the patients died before reaching hospitals. These incidents upset them and they took oath that they would leave no stone unturned to ensure that the villages do have clinics where people atleast can get primary treatment.They also vowed that no patient of the area would die without treatment and their this mental strength is today what SHIS is. Mr. Wohab through his relentless service, determination and patience has overcome all odds
and runs Southern Health Improvement Samity (SHIS) where the organization has spread its activities in multipronged directions and got new dimension for the poor and economically backward class people of Sunderbans area.

Mr. Wohab had moved through painful and rough ways to convince people about his goal he dreamed to achieve. It is not only Dominique Lapierre and Gaston Dayanand, but also Government of West Bengal Health Services, Jamunalal Bajaj Foundation, TISCO and TELCO like business giants from India and many eminent
personalities and institutions from all over the globe have become active participants of SHIS for achieving its goal. This Herculean task would not have been possible, had Wohab not put service to mankind before self. He has been awarded many prestigious awards for his contribution to the mankind.
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